Texas E.M.S. was created the paramedics who worked here before, we created it with a passion to serve our community better than any service has done before. We have accomplished this goal and now we work to ensure that we provide our services with our communities in mind. We are proud to serve our community, before, now, and in the years to come






Texas E.M.S. has a staff of 4 administrators, 17 full time medics, and 13 part time medics. We have a combined total of 34 employees who rack up an impressive 280.5 years of EMS experience, with 149 years of it being here in Granbury and Hood County! The average G/HC EMS medic has 8 years of experience in EMS, and averages 4 years experience with Granbury and Hood County; while the average administrator has 16 years in EMS with 14 years being here in Granbury and Hood County. We staff Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU) twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and a third MICU 12 hours. G/HC EMS is supported by 8 first responder organizations, and Lake Granbury Medical Center in Hood County.


Texas EMS maintains it's daily operations by monies generated through patient transport billings, available EMS grants, and donations. Texas E.M.S. DOES NOT RECEIVE any direct city and/or county tax subsidies for its operations.